Koffees and Kream


New café in Woolwich, London opened to the public today, offering free food and beverages in celebration of it’s opening. I, personally, am very picky with my coffee & haven’t found a café that has done a coffee drink I like. But this is the first place that has done a coffee drink I absolutely love! It was lovely & I’ll be going back for another soon.

The layout of the café looked amazing! It reminded of a cool, casual American café with a British twist. The booths with it’s red seats, metal tables & big chandeliers look great for a lunch or evening out with friends/family. The two seater by the huge windows are perfect for drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

I think Koffees and Kream café is going to be a big hit! Pop by & grab a Koffee =)

Quarter of a Century

When I was 15, I never imagined having my amazing Fiance & my beautiful daughter. For me, it was never about the cards or presents, it was the acknowledgement that it is a special day for me. Two little words is all I ask for, “Happy Birthday”.

25 years old & I may not throw big parties or go out on the town, go out clubbing or go to restaurants. I celebrate my birthdays with the two most important people in my life & that’s all I need. cuddles with my little girl & snuggles with my Fiance. Those are the best parts of my birthdays. ^-^

This year I had a Bailey’s cake. Never been a Bailey’s drinker, but the cake was delicious. My little girl sang “Happy Birthday” to me & my Fiance cooked me dinner. I’m a happy Birthday girl. ^-^


Big Babies

I have to ask you all a serious question . . . what the HELL  is with these Onesies! Please, someone explain to me the point behind this “baby” fashion? Unless it’s just an excuse to act like just that, a baby. 

First there was the dummy. I had to endure going to a school where the girl & boys with these dummies in their mouths. Now we have Onesies! Is this just a more subtle version of the man in a nappy/diaper with a sexy mommy looking after them????? 

In my opinion (which isn’t that important, but I have one anyway) the Onesies are a sad excuse for a fashion statement & needs to be stopped! It looks cute on babies & toddlers, not grown men & women!!!!!! 

(Rant over, lol) 


Scrambled Omelette

For lunch today I made one of my Scrambled Omelettes. I had it with chicken pieces, broccoli & sweetcorn.



1. I half boiled the broccoli & sweetcorn. (About 2-3 minutes)

2. A few minutes before I drained the veg, I put some oil in a frying pan & some chicken pieces.

3. I fried the chicken, broccoli & sweetcorn for about 5 minutes, then added the mixed eggs. (I used 3)

4. Before the omelette is fully cooked, I added some curry powder for a bit of flavour.

5. The reason I call it a Scrambled Omelette, is because it doesn’t stick together. So I flip it over piece by piece.

6. Then I dish it up with some mayo on the side.

Leave a comment below & let me know if you tried it & if you liked it or not.

“Free school dinners for all children” I Agree!

It doesn’t matter about how much families are earning, what’s important is that every child (under 7) can have school dinners. And it’s only for the first 3 years of school. My opinion is that this way, there will be no excuse for children not to have something to eat during lunch time at school, which means kids won’t have to go all day without eating until they go home.

But what do you think? Leave a comment below.